Kootenay River

an Outstanding Landscape Photo from Flickr

Kootenay River, originally uploaded by leapin26.

The Kootenay River, near Nelson in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia.


  1. clubwaddle said


  2. abasits said

    very nice !….

  3. mike said

    Very nice

  4. Natasha said

    Really a very nice shot

  5. SC said

    Cool shot. It almost looks like a black and white print.

  6. Matthew said

    That sure looks cold!

  7. Unnamed Source said

    Very cool

    I’ve got some other great landscape pictures on a site I posted recently

    Hope you like them 🙂

  8. Ben said

    This is shot captures nature in a very realistic way. It makes it very easy to imagine myself standing on the edge of the Kootenay river.

  9. gorgeous

  10. Danny Mac said

    So calm, so pleasant. Great job.

  11. Insomniaco said


  12. Kate said

    Really beautiful.

  13. p@r@noid said

    Great collection of pictures in your blog

  14. woodfog said

    really good winter scape shot.
    is this picture real?
    the water isn’t frozen.

  15. Beautiful Picture……….

  16. Wow , Great collection .. thanks

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  18. Beautiful Article

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  20. aman1232 said

    hii good article keep up the good work

  21. autofan15 said

    hey. that was an amazing shot. thanks for it. bestofcrick

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