Rice terraces at Jinkeng (龙胜,金坑) at dawn

an Outstanding Landscape Photo from Flickr

Rice terraces at Jinkeng (龙胜,金坑) at dawn, originally uploaded by fish-bone.

the photographer: “JinKeng is within the LongShen rice terrace district. It is the highest point within the district.”


  1. it looks like a city on a cascade of wonderbread!

  2. Austin said

    Well, before I was about to comment on the breathtaking beauty of this image I read the comment above. Funny. LOL The pic despite being bread is beautiful. Annabananas you’re not right. LOL


  3. Loki said

    Great picture. It’s hard to even imagine a place like this exists.

  4. Gregorio said

    Sweet shot I really love these terraced land scape photos.

  5. The Editor said

    Now how much whipped cream would it take to cover that wonder bread?

  6. aquabot said

    Wow, really nice… i must say i liked all of the photos…

  7. nEoPOL said

    Great image.


  8. huntme said

    Awesome, The fog makes it look more beautiful

  9. Wow! this photo is awesome and perfect to the point that it looks unreal.

  10. mike said

    A beautiful landscape they have.

  11. That photo is absolutely amazing. What a feeling the photographer must have gotten when they took that.

  12. Dilip said

    Amazing photograph. I am awed at the imagination of the one who created this masterpiece and so is the photographer who had an eye for detail.

  13. Great Landscape work! I would love to see them bigger on your blog!

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