Winter sunset

an Outstanding Landscape Photo from Flickr

Winter sunset, originally uploaded by jens_i_r.

The photographer: "The location is Mulevika, a remote bay at the end of a desolate road on the island Nerlandsøy, in Herøy, Norway"



  1. fkyinbrnz said


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  2. mike said

    This is a great picture. Nice.

  3. Natasha said

    Really lovely photo well done!!!

  4. Jennifer Presley said

    Beautiful glow on the rocks!

  5. The colors, the clouds, the sun shinning on the dark gray rocks. This picture is perfect.

  6. Very nice picture. Was this done with HDR?

  7. […] : I wanna thank you, the author of this picture for this, because It gave me a really helping hand. Now, it’s my […]

  8. Gregorio said

    I love the color contrasts.

  9. amarie said

    this is so beautiful… very breathtaking!

  10. Sean Thurlow said

    Very cool shot, those colors are beautiful.

  11. ashari said

    great picture..mantap -)

  12. Fantastic shot.

  13. you have amazing photography skills, I have seen few of your work but this one is the best…

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