Lake Kodaikanal

an Outstanding Landscape Photo from Flickr

Lake Kodaikanal, originally uploaded by Java Cafe.

The photographer: "The Kodaikanal Lake is a central point of the town of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, India. In 1860s, Vera Levinge, a former District Collector of Madurai, settled in Kodaikanal after his retirement. With his own money, he converted the marshy land into a lake.

It is a star-shaped body of water, surrounded by lush slopes. The hills receive rainfall during North-East Monsoon months of October, November and December. The lake is spread over 60 acres and surrounded by a pretty road about 5 kms. long. The surrounding woods have a variety of tree species including pine and eucalyptus."



  1. kaiez said

    hello! i’m a passerby!

    WOW the photos on this blog are just amazing. this one too, especially how the black clouds are in.

  2. tuttysan said

    The pictures on this blog are breathtaking. I’m glad I literally “stumbled” upon this blog. Adding it to my list.

  3. mike said

    India seems like a very nice for photography. Great picture.

  4. picsfoo said

    Wow, great click of Kodaikanal lake. Very nice one.

    More Kodaikanal photos at

  5. B.Veerabathran said

    Very nice blog. Every one will wish to visit kodai after seeing this beautiful lake picture.

  6. linda said

    God must have a great accomplished feeling as he looks down upon the marvelous beauty of this earth. It would not be near as beautiful from an ants view. Unless you was an ant. Amazing photos

  7. D Breuer said

    What an amazing thing to see my old stomping ground! I went to Kodai International School in 1970, just my junior and senior year of high school, but it was awesome! There were very few buildings except for the missionary compounds and the Chinese had a compound, I remember. There were a couple of hotels. I spent a lot of time hiking up through the mountains, and on occassion a group of us would rent bicycles, sneak out of the dorm at night, and bike down the Ghat to the valley floor.

    Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for helping me relive some wonderful years.


  8. Philip Gardiner said

    I enjoyed this photograph – I spent a few summer holidays there as a child and have fond memories of rowing a boat on the lake.

  9. Peter Rudd said

    Lovely picture. I went to Kodai school in the 70’s – I think I can see my dorm from grade three behind the boathouse. This has to be on of the best pics I’ve seen of Kodai lake – thanks.

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